Here you can find some samples of items available with the SnailFarm designs on them. These items are not for sale. If you wish to purchase items, please visit our PURCHASE and/or CATALOGUE pages. Thank you!

ready items collage



These are samples of short sleeved lady’s T-shirts decorated with embroidery, beads, buttons and ribbons.

Rainbow smiles Tshirt new

Nanar child

Elfin Baboon Kid Tshirt


IMG_2925kk IMG_2932kk IMG_2942kk

 Short sleeves boy’s T-shirts (Mr Luv) decorated with embroidery, beads, buttons.

Mr luv Tshirt

Great Pretender tshirt

Rainbow Smile Collage snail collage Flamby Cecilia Collage Granny Rosie Prof theodor collage

Canvas Arts


IMG_2841kk kk


Please note that sample items are not for purchase. You can make your orders on our General Info page here or puchased items listed on our Catalogue page here.



 Roomy Mug

mug roomy

Canvas Bags

bookish bag

IMG_0081 k k

snailfarm bag

snailfarm bag KK web